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The Gobi bursts with life
The Gobi bursts with life

The Gobi bursts with life

Dec 07 2019

Despite its bleak appearance, the Gobi supports an incredibly diverse mixture of animals and plant life. Over 200 bird species and 50 mammals live here, but are not always easy to find. The Gobi is home to argali sheep, ibex, Eurasian lynx, grey wolves, red foxes, hedgehogs, Asian wild ass, wild camels and gazelles. The highly endangered saiga antelope lives in its western parts. Mots illusive is Mazaalai – Gobi bear, of whom only 25 are thought to exist, living in desert oases west of the Gobi Altai.

Rodents are the most numerous, however, and include hamsters, jerboas, gerbils, voles, mice and pikas. Reptiles include lizards, iguanas and snakes.

Birds are perhaps the easiest to spot, starting with huge vultures and griffons that make the eagles and bustards look tiny in comparison. Smaller birds such as finches, larks and pipers are everywhere, often playing out alongside your passing vehicle.  

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