landscapes of Zavkhan & lakes in central part
landscapes of Zavkhan & lakes in central part
12 Days · from 1500$

Tour starts from Ulaanbaatar driving to central part – Hangai mountain range. We will continue to drive remote 3 different lakes in the western part of Mongolia. Green lake is surrounded by forest. Black lake is surrounded by Borhyr sand dunes and steppe. Hyrgas lake is surrounded by white rock cliffs. There are abundant passage birds and fishes. We will relax in mountain hot spring and visit the Buddhist temple and see the last wild horse – Przewalski horse.

We will drive 1800 km and fly from northwestern town Uvs to Ulaanbaatar. During tour 9 days stay in camp, 1 day in tent in a sand dune and 1 day in nomad family’s Ger guest house. Mostly we will have breakfast, lunch and dinner from camp. Only in tent and nomad family, we will cook. Apart from camel and horse trek the other activities are wandering night bright stars, visiting nomad families searching wild animals and birds and also optional fishing and boat trip are in your wish.

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