Gobi desert and Eight lakes
Gobi desert and Eight lakes
13 Days · from 1490$

Discover the silence of the Gobi desert in the Ikh gazriin culuu and Rock painting visiting-mountain. There is no other tourist. Discover a primitive people’s life from petroglyphs. After visiting the highlight of destination in the Gobi desert, we will ride 2 days horse in Eight lakes in the Orkhon valley. Visit honourable nomadic family in the 8 lakes. This place is natural uniqueness surrounded by inaccessible mountains.

Ih gazriin chuluu
Tsagaan suvraga
Yoliin am
Hongor dunes
Nomadic family at hongor
Flaming Cliffs/Bayanzag
Ongi Gobi
Eight lake base camp
Nomadic family
4-5 hourskm
Orkhon waterfall
4-5 hourskm
Tsenher hot spring
Khugnu haan - Elsen tasarhai
Participants 1 2 3 4 5
Price Per Person $ 3490 2190$ 1790$ 1590$ 1490$
Included Not included
  • Oneway domestic flight
  • 4WD car drive service in the countryside, transfers to airport and from airport to hotel
  • Ger camp stay 7 nights, 2 night in nomad family’s Ger guest house in the countryside
  • English speaking guide service
  • Camel and horse trek local guide, camel and horse trek activity’s cost
  • Entrance fees to protected areas, concert, museum and temple fees
  •  Meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner during tour
  • Water intake
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Personal expense
  • Travel insurance
I want to join a small group of travellers
Start date End date Available Status Price
05/05/2020 06/16/2020 10 Confirmed 990$
05/05/2020 06/16/2020 10 Confirmed 990$

For your journey in Mongolia, it is possible joining a fixed departure tour with a group, which has the advantage of providing a friendly atmosphere and to let you benefit from the best price. Our groups are composed of an average of 3 to 10 participants.

Our departures are confirmed without any additional fees to the price of 990 Euros from a minimum of 3 participants. If you are only 2 participants registered for this particular departure however, we can still organize the tour for you against an added fee of 300 Euros per person.

Gobi camp
Nomadic family Ger stay
Brief Itinerary
  • Day 1 Ih gazriin chuluu
  • Day 2: Tsagaan suvraga & rock painting
  • Day 3: Yoliin-am valley
  • Day 4: Hongor sand dunus nomadic family visit
  • Day 5: Hongor dune
  • Day 6: Bayanzag
  • Day 7: Ongi ruined temple
  • Day 8: Eight lakes base camp
  • Day 9: Horse riding
  • Day 10: Horse riding and Orkhon waterfall
  • Day 11: Tsenher hot spring
  • Day 12: Kharhorin & Khugnu haan mountain
  • Day 13: Ulaanbaatar
13 Days -
Total distance: 1480km
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