We are the bridge between old and modern; add more value in your life.
e are community based cooperative provide culture value based private and joint group tours. We specifically share nomadic culture for every visitor.
We are the bridge between old and modern; add more value in your life.  
We aim
To provide quality, save tour and knowledge about nomadic culture for a visitor.  Long term goal is to support the local community and protect wild nature.  
What will you learn from a tour?
    • By visiting family, we will meaningfully connect you to the nomadic culture
    • With close engagement, you will discover the hospitality and kindness of nomadic people from up close
    • Million years preserved empty steppe show you something
    • You may find something from a nomadic family's lifestyle 
Founder, manager Degii
Why we are running touring service ?

I was born in 1988. When I was 2 years old, Mongolia has transformed from central planned socialism to democracy. Like many other thousands of employees my parents have lost their jobs during the transition. I grew up helping my grandparents’ farm. When I was in my high school years, I used to notice countless many peers having lived difficult lives. Seeing their misery, I’ve firmly decided to ease their pain and become someone helpful. As I’ve brainstormed for ways to become helpful, I chose to study economics which led me now to grow in my own tour company. I studied business management in Czech and came back to Mongolia. Now, I count six to be the years of my experience in tour company. I’m now cooperating with rural people to expand the inclusion and the market of their livelihood. We are now working with the rurals of Khuvsgul and Gobi to support the quality of service and comfort of tourists. Also, we have a common standard of educationary courses for constant progress.

Who we are
Tour manager and founder Degii
I always exploring special places in Mongolia with locals. But Mongolia is vast, endless exploration.

 I had been working as a Мongolian tour guide for 6 years. I’m highly invested in visiting my own country’s desert, taiga, high mountains and local families. I wish to spread how beautiful both nature and the nomadic culture are for foreign visitors.

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Tour guide Duulga
Guiding is not just a job, it is whole my life.

I have been guiding for 6 years. I have been always happy to introduce our beautiful country to visitors. Every time when I visit Gobi, Khuvsgul I love more. I enjoy meeting new people. Horse riding, hiking are my favorite sport.

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Horse herder family Lagvaa
Horse guide to Reindeer herder tour

He lives in Khuvsgul province, Ulaan-Uul sum, 51 years old horse trainer. His horse has been winning 9 consecutive years of the aimag’s Naadam festival. They have an abundance of horses, yaks, and sheep of which horses have been extolled highly in the Khuvsgul province. His wife Yanjin’s dairy products taste divine. Lhagva has visited Ulaanbaatar only once when he was solder and that was 30 years ago.

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Camp owner Unur
Unur and his wife together work on their tourist camp. She is good cooker herself.

Gobi desert is very windy sometimes. But their Gers in the camp is always clean and luxury. Their food tastes good. They will provide your amenity will in the middle of nowhere.

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Camel herder family Bor
He is famous man, you can find his photo from lonely planet's book.

He is 78 years old.  They live in the Gobi, Elser Tasarhai and they have sheep and goats. Bor likes to joke with foreigners and he is a great company to have. His wife Yandag is 75 years old and they have two children of which one’s name is Dash. As it is a tradition of the younger kid has to take care of parents, Dash lives with them closely.

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Driver Baataraa
After 15 years of driving in countryside, he drives non signed off-road very well.

He is 42 years old. British visitors named him Smiler. He smiles very often. He was born in the Central part of Mongolia, raised as a nomad herder. He moved to Ulaanbaatar 18 years before and worked as a tour driver. He knows Mongolian countryside’s routes very well and he is a mechanic himself. He is gentle and helpful, and his sincere endeavor in making other peoples’ stay memorable make others’ vacations most memorable.

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What our visitor say
Katherin from USA
The guide Degii proved absolutely everything I had hoped to experience on this challenging, inspiring, and satisfying trip to visit members of the Reindeer Herders and a most noble and wise shaman in the outermost regions of the Taiga. Whether...
I took a 12 Days Reindeer Herders tour from Ulaanbaatar. The tour was very impressive. Guide and driver took good care of us. The herders were friendly and hospitable, Horse trek in mountain was mind-refreshing. Thank you for great...
The tour for us was perfect. Everything was perfectly organized and she proved us with useful information about all the beautiful areas we went and three warm meals per day. She and our driver are very friendly, kind open hearted people...
I had a 9 days tour with Degii through Gobi desert and central part of Mongolia. She and our driver Baatar were very good team, trustful and warm hearted people. We visited Gobi nomadic family, the lady of family...