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Hongor sand dunes
Hongor sand dunes

Hongor sand dunes

Dec 07 2019

Sand dunes made just 3 per cent of the entire Gobi desert. The significance of Hongor Sand dune is lash grass and sheep, goat, camels are just in front of it, then hiked up the dunes behind it rocky mountains. The Three Beauty Mountain range stretches behind the dunes in the endless green steppe.

From the top of the dune, you will see a small spring-fed creek, the west-flowing Hongor river, the rocky mountain, the view is fascinating. Local people name the top “singing dunes”, which comes from roaring sound of moving sand, either from strong winds or hikers setting-off mini-avalanches down their steep faces. The top of the dune is just over 200 meters. But it is steep and the sand is loose. When you climb up, your feet stick to it. It requires a little bit of effort. When you on the top, it worth for effort as beautiful natural view.

 Sand changes colour through sunlight. When sunset, the sand looks more silver. Nomad people live with camel, sheep and goat in the edge of the sand dunes. It is a nice place to ride a two-humped camel.

АНХААРУУЛГА: Та сэтгэгдэл бичихдээ хууль зүйн болон ёс суртахууны хэм хэмжээг хүндэтгэнэ үү. Хэм хэмжээ зөрчсөн сэтгэгдэлийг админ устгах эрхтэй.