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Gobi Caravanserai camp
Gobi Caravanserai camp

Gobi Caravanserai camp

Dec 07 2019

Camel riding

Camel riding is peaceful experience in the Gobi desert. Two humped camel is calm animal and the king of the desert. Camel can carry 200-240 km luggage. So don’t afraid to ride him. Mostly you will ride at Hongor sand dunes, the empty open steppe and sand dunes. Calm, slow walking camel and empty, vegetated desert with sand dunes create completely different kind of transportation experience. Camels are carried by camel guide and this looked like a camel caravan. Camel ride takes part an hour. Its two humps are comfortable and you will stuck between them. Camel was the main transportation for human civilization and carries culture through silk-road from China to Europe.


Mongolian wild nature is so pleasant to hike or walk in any kind of itinerary. Because the most of the terrain mixed with steppe. The nature is so diverse. If you have Gobi desert tour, you will have nice walking at Yoliin am valley. During all kind of walking, you will see birds, Pikas, and different type of flora and meadow. This wild nature with fresh air and birds singing makes your walking magnificent. Even Mongolia has extreme climate, every day is sunny during a year.

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