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How is Gobi Tour
How is Gobi Tour

How is Gobi Tour

Dec 07 2019

It is very vast expanded area the destinations locate 150-300 km from each other. Even it sounds close, the off-road, especially rough dusty roads make drive slowly. You will spend average 5-7 hours in car.

 We will drive by Russian 4W van or Japanese 4W van. On the way you will see a flock of camels, gazelles scampered in the steppe, a flock of eagles and vultures surrounding a skeleton. We will drive through the wide open steppe, barren volcanic landscapes, eroded ranges and meadow valleys.

Gobi desert tour has everyday different landscapes. And every Gobi destination has visiting camel herder family and camel trek activity.

When we come in camps in the destinations, in the searing heat of summer – above 38 C (100F) temperature, wandering is best done early morning or especially late after bright sun gets down. Night, you can see bright stars in the sky everywhere in Mongolia. You will visit isolated nomad Ger -camel herder family. And ride a camel in the desert. Remote tours carry reserve petrol and food. And accommodate in tent and cook outside.      

АНХААРУУЛГА: Та сэтгэгдэл бичихдээ хууль зүйн болон ёс суртахууны хэм хэмжээг хүндэтгэнэ үү. Хэм хэмжээ зөрчсөн сэтгэгдэлийг админ устгах эрхтэй.