Gobi desert and 8 lakes horse trek
Gobi desert and 8 lakes horse trek
10 Days · from 1390$

Tour has one-way domestic flight from Ulaanbaatar to the Gobi desert. After visiting highlight of destination in the Gobi desert, we will ride 2 days horse in Eight lakes in the Orkhon valley. Visit honorable nomadic family in the 8 lakes. This place is natural uniqueness surrounded by inaccessible mountains.

Yoliin am
Hongor dunes
Ongi Gobi
Eight lake base camp - Naiman nuur
Nomadic family
Orkhon waterfall
8 kmkm
Tsenher hot spring
Khugnu haan - Elsen tasarhai
Participants 1 2 3 4 5-14
Price Per Person 3290$ 1990$ 1590$ 1390$ 1290$
Included Not included
I want to join a small group of travellers
Start date End date Available Status Price
05/05/2020 06/16/2020 10 Confirmed 990$
05/05/2020 06/16/2020 10 Confirmed 990$

For your journey in Mongolia, it is possible joining a fixed departure tour with a group, which has the advantage of providing a friendly atmosphere and to let you benefit from the best price. Our groups are composed of an average of 3 to 10 participants.

Our departures are confirmed without any additional fees to the price of 990 Euros from a minimum of 3 participants. If you are only 2 participants registered for this particular departure however, we can still organize the tour for you against an added fee of 300 Euros per person.

Brief Itinerary
  • Day 1: Gobi desert Yoliin am
  • Day 2: Hongor sand dunes
  • Day 3: Bayanzag
  • Day 4: Ongi ruined temple
  • Day 5: Eight lakes base camp
  • Day 6: Horse riding
  • Day 7: Horse riding and Orkhon waterfall
  • Day 8: Tsenher hot spring
  • Day 9: Hugnu khan mountain
  • Day 10: Ulaanbaatar
10 Days -
Total distance: 1735km
Tour video
Ines family
Awesome experience in Mongolia with Delgermaa- she is a great guide and was very attentive throughout the journey- very calm and never a moment of stress despite traveling with three kids. Delgermaa also works with a great driver (Batlar) whose driving skills kept us incident-free despite difficult road conditions.