Tsataan - Reindeer herder visit, shaman tour
Tsataan - Reindeer herder visit, shaman tour
8 Days · from 1190$

Tour has round-trip domestic flight. We will ride a horse in Taiga for 3 days. Visit Darkhad ethnic nomadic family in Khordil Sardig mountain. Visit indigenous Tsaatan people in Taiga. The highlight of the tour will be the performance of honourable Tsaatan ethnic shaman.

Murun and Horidol saridag
Tsagaan nuur village
200 kmkm
Reindeer herder
Reindeer herder
Tsagaan nuur village
Participants 4 - 12 3 2 1
Price Per Person $ 1190 $ 1290 $ 1690 $ 2590
Included Not included
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Start date End date Available Status Price
05/05/2020 06/16/2020 10 Confirmed 990$
05/05/2020 06/16/2020 10 Confirmed 990$

For your journey in Mongolia, it is possible joining a fixed departure tour with a group, which has the advantage of providing a friendly atmosphere and to let you benefit from the best price. Our groups are composed of an average of 3 to 10 participants.

Our departures are confirmed without any additional fees to the price of 990 Euros from a minimum of 3 participants. If you are only 2 participants registered for this particular departure however, we can still organize the tour for you against an added fee of 300 Euros per person.

Brief Itinerary
  • Day 1: Fly to Murun town
  • Day 2: Tsagaannuur village
  • Day 3: Visit Tsataan people in East Taiga
  • Day 4: Stay with Tsaatan people, Ride a Reindeer
  • Day 5: Horse ride to West Taiga, visit Shaman
  • Day 6: Horse ride back to Tsagaan nuur village
  • Day 7: Drive Back to Murun
  • Day 8: Visit Deer stone complex – Central Asian ancient memorial, fly back to Ulaanbaatar
8 Days -
Total distance: 600km