Mongolian nomadic cultural ethnic tour; Photography
Mongolian nomadic cultural ethnic tour; Photography
18 Days · from 4000$

Cultural and ethnic tour includes Mongolian Zahchin, Khalha, Kazakh, Urianhai and Tuva ethnic people in western Khovd and Bayan-Ulgii provinces. It is visiting with South Gobi region and Karakorum village. The aim of the tour is to watch nomadic Zahchin people's moving from summer place to autumn place by camel caravan. Nomadic people live in a simple way with fewer properties. They move to high Altai Mountains up to 2800 meters, over 3000 meters high mountains. Only camel could reach that rough Mountainous road. Nature is sacred and wild, it requires to do natural rituals. We will see human and natural relations, and how nomadic people live harmoniously in nature. Their moving way has disciplined tradition and special rituals with nature. Camels are trained to harsh moving from their younger age. 

We will visit a Kazakh nomadic family to see the eagle hunting tradition. To introduce with Kazakh people's traditional costumes and lifestyle in Bayan-Ulgii province. 

In the South Gobi desert we will visit the main landscapes as sand dunes, cliffs and Yol valley. We will visit here Mongolian main tribe Khalh family. Which has goats, sheep, horses and camels. We will see their daily lifestyle as goat milking, and horse milk.

The tour is during a Naadam celebration period, we will visit for the local village's celebration to see the horse race, wrestling and archery. 


Yolyn Am
Hongor sand dunes
Ongi monastery
Altai Tavan Bogd National Park
Altai Tavan Bogd Base Camp
Tuva family
Eagle hunter family
Tsenkher Cave
Uynch village Zahchin families
Autumn place in Altai
Altai Mountain
Participants 1 2 3 4
Price Per Person 9000$ 4000$ 4000$ 4000$
Included Not included
  • Cultural specialized, proffessional tour guide
  • 3 times domestic flight ticket 
  • 4X4 drive car, driver 
  • local tour guide, horse riding tour guide
  • Accommodation stays in countryside and in Ulaanbaatar
  • All pick ups from international and domestic flights 
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner apart from Ulaanbaatar stays. 
  • All entrance fees and activities cost, taxes 
  • Personal expences 
  • Alcoholic drink
  • Dinner in Ulaanbaatar 
I want to join a small group of travellers
Start date End date Available Status Price
05/05/2020 06/16/2020 10 Confirmed 990$
05/05/2020 06/16/2020 10 Confirmed 990$

For your journey in Mongolia, it is possible joining a fixed departure tour with a group, which has the advantage of providing a friendly atmosphere and to let you benefit from the best price. Our groups are composed of an average of 3 to 10 participants.

Our departures are confirmed without any additional fees to the price of 990 Euros from a minimum of 3 participants. If you are only 2 participants registered for this particular departure however, we can still organize the tour for you against an added fee of 300 Euros per person.

Brief Itinerary
  • Day 1: Ulaanbaatar and ethnic folk concert
  • Day 2: Yolyn Am
  • Day 3: Hongor sand dunes nomadic family visit
  • Day 4: Bayanzag
  • Day 5: Ongi ruined temple - black mountains
  • Day 6: Kharhorin - Erdene zuu temple
  • Day 7: Ulaanbaatar
  • Day 8: Fly to Ulgii town Altai Tavan Bogd National Park
  • Day: 9 Horse ride to Altai Tavan Bogd NP Base camp
  • Day 10: Stay in White river area
  • Day 11: Eagle hunter nomadic family
  • Day 12: Ulgii province
  • Day 13: North Tsenher Cave, Petroglyphs
  • Day 14: Uynch village Zahchin ethnic
  • Day 15: Nomads moving by camel caravan
  • Day 16: Moving by camel, Ger building
  • Day 17: Drive to Khovd town
  • Day 18 Fly to Ulaanbaatar
18 Days -
Total distance: 6300km
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